TKO Headstone Cleaner

• Certified Safe, Powerful and Easy to Use
• a patented non-acidic solution
• Just as Powerful as any acid
• No protective gear needed
• Best cleaner on the market!



Are you still using ACID to clean headstones?  Why?!

• Acid based cleaners are DANGEROUS to your health
• Acid cleaners are extremely corrosive
• Acid can be destructive to the things you clean
• Acid is very harmful to the environment
• Acid is Not safe
• Acid is Not biodegradable
• Acid is Not human/pet/environtmentally friendly
• Protective gear is needed and should be worn
  (gloves, mask, goggles, respirator)

Why Eleven11 TKO headstone cleaner is the best available!

Safer/Easier to use and more powerful than acid-based cleaners
• 100% Acid-Free
• Not corrosive
• Triple Zero HMIS (means certified safe)
• Safe on Skin/Eyes
• 100% Biodegradable
• 100% Safer than Acid Cleaner
• No Protective Gear Needed
• Works faster
• Human/Pet/Environtmentally Safe
• Safe on headstone paint
• Safe on grass, plants, glass, chrome, rubber
• Amazing cleaner for granite, bronze, and marble headstones
• Also cleans brick, pavers, retaining walls, wood, stucco, siding

Eleven11 TKO Headstone Cleaner Knocks out STAINS

• Hard Water Stains
• Scale
• Algae
• Mineral Stains
• Moss
• Mildew
• Mold
• Rust
• Calcium Carbonates
• Fertilizer Stains
• Magnesium Oxide
• White Efflorescence
• Grease
• White Scum
• Lime Run
• Brown Magnezium
• Green Vanadium

TKO is the SAFEST and MOST POWERFUL cleaner available!

100% Acid Free


Safer, Easier to Use & Cleans Better!

Headstone Cleaner

Non-Corrosive and 100% Biodegradable

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